Why Mike Baur Excels During the Fintech Rush

If you were to ask someone what “fintech” is all about they might be confused. However, Mike Baur gained a wise advisor and an investor that has plenty of experience and valuable knowledge to share. The goal is to help new companies get established in the marketplace as well as to gain some visibility. It’s vital that entrepreneurs are getting training and counsel from individuals that have worked through the kinks during their own personal journey. This is the case for Mike Baur and partner Michael Hartweg.


Baur recruited Hartweg because of his experience, and Hartweg has been known as a top investor and financier in the banking industry in Switzerland. The desire to drop out of the industry and join a company that helps startups is one backed by passion to help others succeed as well as to invest in a growing industry that is now using technology more heavily. Hartweg chose to sell his stake in Leonteq as a derivatives specialist, most likely because he knows that building a new endeavor to help startups will take some time and patience.


Coaching new founders and their company teams through the initial first idea through to the end of the journey with funding and legal is what the Swiss Startup Factory is all about. New startups need the support as well as the coaching and training in all aspects of what it’s going to take to grow a new business like this as well as how to get the proper funding. This is why Baur has designed programs that help these entrepreneurs find investors as well as get access to the most valuable tools and resources.


Baur has more than two decades of experience in the banking industry, and previously worked with Clariden and Sallfort. Baur has carefully selected those individuals that he wishes to partner with him for this endeavor, and has chosen only the very best with prior knowledge of the fintech industry.



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