U.S. Education Reform Headed By Dick DeVos

Education is an area of life I care deeply about and see as a human right of every individual regardless of age, race, or gender. Somebody who I feel shares my views is Dick DeVos, who was recently the subject of an interview I read with his wife Betsy published by Philanthropy Roundtable. The interview gave me an insight into the reasons why Dick and Betsy DeVos have fought so hard to secure proper education reform for those across the U.S.; I was shocked to read Dick and Betsy DeVos felt everybody should have the chance to enjoy the best education possible after visiting a private school in Michigan. The interview revealed Dick and Betsy DeVos had become concerned about education reform when their own children were school age and they felt everybody should have the right to choose how and where their children are educated. Inspired by the battle parents faced to pay for their children to attend private school the DeVos family began funding local children and a local private school intent on providing a better education for all.

I am not surprised by the passion and commitment shown by Dick and Betsy DeVos in their fight to reform the education system across the U.S. Knowing a little about the DeVos family allows me to understand the commitment every member of the family has made to improve the lives of others. Establishing the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation has allowed the couple to work together to bring charitable options to people across the U.S. and closer to home in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area they call home.

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  1. Jamil Smith

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