The Growth of Rocketship Education in the U.S.

Rocketship Education is something that many parents in the state of California are excited about. This public charter school system is something that is bringing out a great amount of potential in students that may otherwise never get the chance to experience this.

Rocketship Education is something that originated in California, but the ideal has been accepted so well that it has branched out from the Bay Area of San Francisco to Nashville, Milwaukee and Washington, D.C.

Right now California has more schools than any of the other areas where Rocketship Public Schools are found, but this is primarily because this is where the Rocketship Education concept started. The other cities like Milwaukee and Nashville are relatively new to embracing it, but it is definitely be coming a concept that is getting a lot of positive buzz. In fact, Northside School is a new location that just recently opened in Milwaukee. In Washington the Ward 5 School is a new location for Rocketship Education. these girls are growing because there is a tremendous amount of positive feedback from parents.

This school system serves over 15,000 students, and it has become recognized as the top 10% when it comes to public elementary schools. This is definitely something for parents to rave about, and it is a great potential for personalized learning and talent development.

People want to know more about this system if they are on a low income because this is where 85% of the students come from. They come from low-income homes, and their parents will never really be able to afford private school, but much of the same personalized learning style that has been adapted to private school settings are present in the Rocketship Public Schools.

People that have never had the chance to send their children to a quality school are finding that this may be the best possible solution. Rocketship has become recognized on a level outside of the states where the schools are found. It is a national network and it is recognized for being a high-performing elementary school system that helps many children thrive.

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