Socially Conscious Entrepreneur Launches Health Food Brand

Livio Bisterzo started out as an entrepreneur in 2003 while receiving his baccalaureate at the University of Arts in London. Now, he has his eyes set on the booming natural food market.

Using his creativity and branding background to propel his company’s brand, Bisterzo launched his company, Green Park Brands, in 2015. Soon thereafter, “Hippeas” brand was introduced as the first link in the Green Park chain in 2016.

With e-commerce giant Amazon’s purchase of natural supermarket chain Whole Foods, it is apparent that organic and natural food is more than a short-term fad. Living healthy is a goal for many millennials, and Bisterzo wants to create a supply to meet that demand. From yoga to water to food, younger people are working hard at staying healthy. With a long history of engaging in innovative and ventures, Bisterzo is perfectly positioned to work with these young consumers to create brands that resonate with them.

By gearing his product towards Generation Y (the infamous millennials), Mr. Livio Bisterzo is working to market more than healthy food to consumers. He wants to provide a healthy lifestyle to them, making his employees rich and his clients feeling good about the food they eat.

Mr. Bisterzo has been quoted in Vanity Fair, Harpers and The Times, speaking on issues in marketing and entrepreneurship in the 21st century. Voted one of the most influential people in London in 2009, Bizterzo has gone on to be a part of the American Dream in Los Angeles, where he lives with his wife and children.

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