Securus Technologies informs the Public on GTL’s inaccurate Reports.

Securus Technologies is a renowned firm in the provision of communication technology to correctional facilities that are based in North America. The services of the company are depended on by more than 1.2 million individuals who are convicted in about 3450 facilities. It has dedicated its solutions to public safety, monitoring, correcting, and investigation. The enterprise has a primary aim of connecting people with their loved ones who are in prison. Securus’ business is managed from its head offices, which are based in Dallas, Texas. The company recently issued a report that outlines false information that GTL released to the press. According to its administration, the allegations were misleading and unreliable. The enterprise’s CEO Richard A. Smith offered various corrections to address the deceptive reports of its competitor.


Mr. Smith said that GTL fully understands how patent litigations take a lot of time to address and also need millions of dollars to pursue. He wished to be informed if the “scorched earth” litigation would enhance the growth GTL or the transparency of its financial transactions. Securus has promised to keep addressing various press releases that are made by its competitor and also protect its patents. The Securus Technologies CEO is against the approaches that GTL has been using to tackles issues. According to him, the methods of its competitor are ineffective since Securus is a prosperous firm that has an outstanding patent portfolio.


Richard offered a press release to react to the latest claims that were made by GTL. He has been asking the company to challenge Securus Technologies by participating in a technology contest with his firm. GTL’s administration has not responded to his requests, and it has been releasing a lot of information that is wrong and needs to be rectified. It has never responded to Richard Smith’s adjustments.


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