Sawyer Howitt Is Rapidly but Surely Carving A Good Name In The Business World For His Natural Business Prowess And Generosity To Mentor Others

Sawyer Howitt showed his business skills while still a high school student in Portland, Oregon. His age has not been a stumbling block to showcase his expertise in growing businesses. His understanding of what a business requires to grow and stay at the top of the market comes naturally to him. One remarkable trait about him is that he can work in any capacity, including taking minutes in a meeting.

Career Growth

Sawyer Howitt started his career as a Customer Service at KURE Juice Bar. He stayed on the job for three months in 2015. He got the much-needed experience in interacting with clients and the value of excellent customer care. He has been able to apply the lessons in his work as his career grows. In 2015, Sawyer joined his father’s business the Meriwether Group as a Business Strategy Analyst. The company focuses on growth-oriented enterprises, supplying them with the required incentives to move forward. Sawyer is passionate about businesses adopting the right technology as part of its growth strategy. When he joined Meriwether Group, he was quick to develop a technological retail solution, RFID Checkout Technology. He aimed to revolutionize the firm’s retail experience.
Current Engagement

Sawyer Howitt did well in his work, which earned the trust of his father, David Howitt. Earlier this year, his father added him more responsibilities by naming him the company’s Project Manager. With the appointment, he earned the privilege to contribute to the major issues of the business. He is using his position to see that Meriwether Group is technologically equipped to steer forward in the business world. His determination to grow the company saw him register for the Entrepreneurial Finance degree program at the University of California, Berkeley this year.

Mentoring Others

As a young and budding entrepreneur, Sawyer Howitt understands the challenges that young people have to fight to have a stand in the business world. He has taken it upon himself to mentor the youth on matters concerning entrepreneurship. Sawyer Howitt often takes his time to write on an array of business topics with the aim of empowering the young entrepreneurs. He has written on the available business opportunities and the right mindset in business among others.

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