Roberto Santiago — An Enterprising Inspiration

Roberto Santiago is an entrepreneur and real estate expert. He is the creator of multiple shopping malls in the Sao Paulo region. He was born in this region and has built it up to new levels of greatness. Some may say that he was a precocious child, always inquisitive. He looked up to his father for expertise and advice. This trait would serve him well later in life. By always following his father’s example and heeding his advice he has been able to build a respectable empire for himself. His real estate and shopping empire is known around the world for its level of luxury and opulence.


Roberto Santiago started his career in an odd, yet impressive, manner. He began his career by selling cardboard cartons to companies who were in need of packing materials. He called his company Cartonnage. He sold the cartons to various companies after purchasing them at a discounted price. This easy tactic made him millions and served as the base for his entrepreneurial future. When he started his first venture into real estate he took it on with ambition. He created what would later be known as the Manaira Mall. This mall would become the first plot of land he purchased and built with his own hands. It was an amazing accomplishment.


The Manaira Mall is an impressive sight. It stands on 75,000 square feet of land and has multiple levels. The parking is always extraordinary and patrons love to relax in the food court and luxury outlets. The entire project took only 2 years to build and Roberto Santiago worked around the clock to realize his dream. It took dedication, hard work, and brilliance. Roberto Santiago exemplifies all three. The top of Manaira Mall has one of Brazil’s most famous event halls – Domus Hall. This hall is large enough to house a big party and is often used as a venue for concerts and weddings. Many celebrities have visited the mall and marveled at the sight of the hall. It is an impressive feat of architecture and design. Roberto Santiago is an enterprising individual and he continues to build his reals estate portfolio.


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