OSI Group LLC: The Leading Meat Processor

OSI Group LLC is a meat processing company based in Aurora Illinois. The company was began in 1909 with the aim of providing and selling protein foods to their clients. These products vary from sausages beef, poultry pizza and other meat related products. The company has international manufacturing plants in several parts of the world and also several outlets in the America and Asia Pacific. In total, the company has sixty facilities.

In China, the company supplies their products to fast food restaurants such as Subway and Starbucks. The company has recently started enjoying its supplies in Europe after it acquired its flagship in the continent. This, as the Sheldon Lavin who is the chief executive officer says, is a huge deal for OSI Group as it is a great opportunity to expand its supplies to companies in the countries around Europe. It has earned a worldwide reputation for their high quality products and their excellent services to the countries and companies that it supplies.

OSI Group has succeeded in being the leading meat processor in the country by entering in strategic alliances with other companies which gives them a higher bargaining power in the industry. Their latest acquisition was the Baho Food, a meat processing company in Netherlands. Before the acquisition, Baho enjoyed operations in Germany and had locations in Europe in 18 countries. This acquisition grants OSI Group a chance to expand their operations in Europe and Germany.

Another major acquisition the company made was the Tyson Food Plant. The company is also a meat processing company whose headquarters were previously in Chicago. The company had been shut down however Sheldon firmly assures the public that the facility would be reconstructed and remodelled to meet the specifications in pursuit to provide more services to their clients’ efficiently.

With all these locations in different parts of the world OSI Group has a huge diversified workforce. The company is a large employer and encourages the application from entry level to the top management level. So far the company has more than twenty thousand employees and continues to hire every year. Employees are trained and taught how to provide healthy and high quality products for their customers. Employees are entitled to compensations and benefits, job security and a decent salary. The culture at OSI Group is friendly and the management ensures that every employee respects the cultural diversity at the organization.

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