NewsWatch Tv “Client Testimonial- Saygus” review

In this review Tim Rush, marketer and PR person for Saygus say the quality of the video is extremely professional. He knows that it is really important to get the right message when working with consumer brands. Tim will highly recommend NewsWatch. He stays the news watch is a highly professional company that listens to people’s needs and their audiences.

NewsWatch TV’s VXi Campaign Review – Another Great Success

NewsWatch has a great website for all of your news. On their website, they also have a tab labelled “Consumer Update”. Here you will be able to find all of the ladies in gear and technology for the average consumer. They have a split into four sections you have your travel section, entertainment section, HealthWatch, section and finally your “All Consumer” section. Their website is easy to navigate and anyone could do it. Not everyone is able to watch TV at a certain time, but here on their website, it is posted so that anyone can catch up on the latest content at any time throughout the day. NewsWatch has won multiple awards out there in the world. They won a Gold and Platinum 2017 Marcom Award the national TV show. They have also won the national 2017 Videographer award for their excellence in entertainment programming. The show also earned a 2016 Silver Telly award. Not to mention that they were also nominated for another.


In May of 2012 NewsWatch began a segment called AppWatch. In this segment, they review and find new in soon-to-be mobile apps for iOS, Android, and Windows smartphones. AppWatch is running on a weekly basis.


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