Nathaniel Ru- Co-CEO and Co-Founder of Sweetgreen

Sweetgreen is the first seasonal salad chain owned and run by three college buddies; Nathaniel Ru, Jonathan Neman and Nicolas Jammet. The three began this restaurant in the year 2007 after graduating from Georgetown University McDonough School of Business. They had realized that they shared the same vision during one winter, where, as immigrants they were stuck in school, after everyone had cleared out, but they survived. That is how they knew that they could survive anything and even their business would.



Starting in Washington DC, the salad restaurant chain has grown to have more than 40 outlets in New York and California. The company has grown from zero to a net worth of over 95 million. In the 10 years that the company has been running, it has grown from no employees to employing over 1,700 employees. This is just a little something to show you how successful the restaurant has become. So, what are the reasons behind the success of Sweetgreen?



Technology has been a major contributor to the success of Sweetgreen. The company has a website and an app, which can be used to order anything on their menu. This aspect helps the restaurant to get both online and offline customers. Today, customers avoid waiting on lines, by making their orders online.



Healthy recipes also make the restaurant a favorite among many. The restaurant gets fresh produce from farms. And, to deliver fresh recipes all they time, they opt to take produce that is in season instead of ordering farmers on what to grow. For them, it is all about ensuring that their clients receive nourishing recipes. However, this shouldn’t be taken to mean that they hike their prices, just because they are the healthy option. Fair prices, on healthy recipes, is what keeps them in business even when other reach their bottom line.



About Nathaniel Ru



Nathaniel Ru is a respected name in the healthy food industry in the US. He has been working in the industry since the year 2007. He is the co-CEO and co-founder of Sweetgreen, a seasonal salad restaurant that he co-founded with two of his college friends.



Nathaniel Ru graduated from McDonough School of Business with a degree in Finance. His business education background lay a foundation for him to have a successful entrepreneurial. And, with the support of his two friends, he has become a legend in the food industry.

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