Mike Baur startup company

Baur is one of the greatest entrepreneur and business person at the moment. His track record in various business entities is amazing. Over the years he has been able to learn a lot about business and other affiliated fields. This enabled him to outshine most people of his caliber. Baur has more than 20 years of experience in the banking sector. The banking industry shaped his reasoning in a big way. Apart from that, he learned a lot about branding of a firm and also optimization of returns of any given institution. These are some important skills every businessperson needs to have.



After quitting his job in the banking industry Mike and his co-founder came up with Swiss startup factory. The entity help people who have startups to actualize their dreams. By coming to the institution with your startup, you will get guidance and help from people who fully understand the market you are yet to venture into. This will enable you to come up with the right project which will suit the needs of a bigger number of people. By so doing you will be in a better state of monetizing your startup after launching it.


The firm also has all the facilities needed by someone with a startup. People who would like to get housing and other utilities such has internet connection during the early stages of startups should get help from the firms. You will interact with other people with startups, this will create an environment suitable for one to work at.


Apart from starting the company, he has also been investing in a good number of startups. This mainly applies to those people with good startups but lack financial support to propel their ideas. With his love for startups, Baur has also been seen participating in START summiteer. This is an institution which mainly focuses on creating a platform in which students can pitch their startups to a bench of potential investors. The most promising venture will get investors. This has created entrepreneurial spirit among students in the University of St Gallen.


So as to reach a bigger number of people, the firm has been partnering with a couple of firms in various regions. Fintech Fusion is one of the firms which is now working with Swiss Startup Factory. Keeping in mind they have the same interest, they have been able to achieve a lot in the past years.


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