Marc Sparks Uses His Skills To Help Others

Whether it is in his business or philanthropic career the investment specialist Marc Sparks is always looking to extend himself in new ways to make sure he helps as many people as possible in living better lives.

The Dallas, Texas based venture capital expert has had a long career as a specialist in developing new companies who are looking for financial investment and the necessary business skills to create a company that will last long into the future.

For Marc Sparks the need to help others can take many forms, his latest business move has seen the founder of Timber Creek Capital LLC look to bring new ways of exploring the best ways of developing a company to as many startups as possible; unlike many other investment groups, Timber Creek Capital take an overall approach to the development of a new company that includes exploring how they can be helped in every aspect of a developing business.

Where many venture capital companies simply connect a new company with financial investors the approach taken by Timber Creek Capital is to nurture a growing business for future success through assistance in marketing, development, banking, and technology to help with increasing the chances of long term growth being achieved.

According to Good Reads, Marc Sparks also looks to develop the business skills and entrepreneurial spirit of people around the world who hope to follow in his decades long success as an investor or simply pluck a few tips from his brain on running a successful business. Sparks published “They Can’t Eat You“, a book on business skills that explores the many different businesses Marc Sparks has developed and established over his long and successful career.

A further area of success Marc Sparks has found is that of a philanthropist where he has the opportunity to provide his skills and wealth his success has earned him to help others in many different ways. Among the good works Marc Sparks has played a key role in the development of is “The Samaritan Inn” homeless shelter that Sparks has played a pivotal role in supporting through the 21st century.

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