Julie Zuckerberg: Staying Atop The Recruitment World

Julie Zuckerberg is one woman who can say that she is at the top of her game. Being one of the best talent recruiters in the business, Julie has remarkable experience in the field of recruiting. Staying atop in a male dominated field is no joke, but Julie Zuckerberg hasn’t let anything stand in her way when it comes to recruiting the best of the best for her clients.


Julie is extremely dedicated to her job as evidenced by how well she performs in the field. Currently, Julie is employed at Deutsche Bank, where she leads a team of skilled recruiters who have all been handpicked and trained by Julie herself. At Deutsche Bank, she is responsible for all the recruitment needs of the company. Also, she performs some other tasks within the company. She oversees all the negotiations the company needs to make and performs numerous managerial duties, as and when the company needs it. She also advises the members of the administrative committee of Deutsche Bank and helps them in all their undertakings.


In addition to all of these, Julie also aids the company by conducting training programs for all the members of the company. She aids them and trains them to develop various skills like leadership which they can use to progress further in their career.


Throughout her career, Julie has worked with numerous companies and businesses and helped them with their recruiting needs. Her team of expert recruiters lead the on-site talent hunts for the various companies she collaborates with. Through the years, Julie has helped numerous companies, ranging from small business to multinational corporations with their recruitments. Through working with so many companies, Julie has developed many business relationships which have helped her all through her career. Along the way, she has met numerous industry leaders who have all taught her something, which has helped her progress in her career today. She has worked with companies in various sectors ranging from advertising to technology and helped them with their talent acquisition needs. Learning from so many learned and talented people in the field has led Julie to progress further in her career.


Outside the world of talent acquisition and recruiting, Julie has a broad range of interests. Born and raised in New York, she has immense love for her city and partakes in all the cultural events that New York City has to offer. She is an active supporter of Women’s rights and believes in helping out women’s rights movements in the city. She is also a firm advocator of helping people who are economically backward and need help. She is an animal lover and stands up for basic animal rights.


As surprising as it may seem, Julie Zuckerberg does not have an educational background in recruiting. She is a self-taught recruiter and everything that she is today in the world of talent acquisition is solely based on what she has learned on the job. She initially decided to get a degree in philosophy and then switched to law before realizing her passion for talent acquisition.



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