Jason Hope: The Philanthropist And Investor From Arizona

Jason Hope FuturistJason Hope is an entrepreneur, an investor, a futurist, and a philanthropist. Hope is based in Scottsdale in Arizona. Hope is passionate about giving back to the community. He has given and supported causes that he cares about and whose work is to help people. He is also involved with futuristic projects and organizations which are developing solutions that will affect the future of humanity. He currently runs Jason Hope Consulting in Scottsdale which advises companies and can be contacted through his personal website.

Hope attended Arizona State University and graduated with a degree in finance before going to the university’s school of business where he earned his MBA. He is a  commentor on the tech industry. Hope has been acclaimed for his ability to predict future trends. He writes on the Publishing Platform and has also written for some other publications.

Hope has advocated for alternative educational programs arguing that the current system is not appropriate for everyone. He is particularly interested in investing in ideas from high school and college students. This is because they may not have the resources to start businesses that could be the future. He also acts as an advisor to these companies tapping from the vast experience that he has had over the years.

Hope has given back to some foundations over the years including Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, the Mark Wahlberg Foundation, Worldwide Orphans Foundation, Tony Hawk Foundation, Andre Agassi Foundation, True Colors Fund, and Teach for America Phoenix. He is also at the Director’s Circle of the Arizona Science Center. This is an institution whose vision is important to him.

Jason’s philanthropic interest in biotechnology led him to invest in the SENS Foundation. He pledged $500,000 to help the foundation in carrying out research in rejuvenation and fighting age-related disease. SENS is a non-profit organization working to develop rejuvenation technologies and thus stop aging. One of the scientists working at the agency explained that the funds would go into research of arteriosclerosis, a disease that is associated with old age. This was announced at the Breakthrough Philanthropy event that was hosted by the Thiel Foundation. Hope said that the work that SENS Foundation was doing would come to define the future of healthcare and pharmaceuticals.

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