How Doe Deere Starts Her Busy Day

Doe Deere, founder of Lime Crime beauty products, has a very habitual morning routine and is wiling to share with her readers.


First off, she wakes up at 8:30 every single morning. She doesn’t even need an alarm clock because her body is already programmed to wake her up. Deere makes sure that she gets at least none hours of sleep every night and swears that is makes her skin look as good as it does because if it.


Deere loves to wake up in the morning and look out her kitchen window as she thinks about the day ahead. She likes to start her day off with a big glass of water to help her stay hydrated in the dry Los Angeles atmosphere where she lives. Then she does her morning stretches to stay flexible and relaxed. Her favorite stretch is the cat/camel stretch because it makes her feel great. Next, she has a breakfast of grits (her favorite) or yoghurt and fruit or fresh squeezed orange juice. She likes to make her orange juice form the oranges right off of her own tree.


Afterwards, Deere reviews her calendar on her phone, touches base with the office, and checks her emails before starting on her beauty routine. Deere enjoys listening to music as she applies her makeup and has been listening to The Beatles lately and reminiscing about the days when she was growing up (when she first listened to The Beatles).


She starts off her beauty regimen with a Glossier face wash. She loves the smell and it is mild on her skin. She then likes to use Murad moisturizes and L’oreal foundation or MAC’s Studio Fix if she is planning on going out. Next she sets her makeup with powder before filling in her eyebrows. She then does her lips and cheeks. Blush and lipstick are her very favorite makeup items and she likes to go extra bold with pinks or reds. She prefers to shower in the evening so that her hair is dry by the next morning and she can curl it into her signature purple waves.


Deere loves to spend some time with her Persian cates, Puffy Fluffles and Chester von Batingham before heading out to the office for lunch and meetings. She likes to wrap it all up by 6 p.m., but sometimes she needs to work well until midnight.


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