George Soros Continues To Seek The Open Society

The well known and much respected hedge fund manager has been looking to change the world through his Open Society Foundations, which was named after the popular philosophical ideas put forward by Soros’ mentor Karl Popper. Soros first arrived under the mentorship of Popper in 1947 when he arrived in London as a refugee and began studying at the London School of Economics; Popper had expanded upon the earlier theory of the open society and began teaching George Soros about the ways societies are both open and closed. Soros has allowed the open society to play a key role in the philanthropic work he has completed throughout his life and began making major inroads into opening up the closed societies that can be found around the world when he established his network of foundations in the mid 1980s. Read more at The New York Times about George.

The work of George Soros has allowed him to create a personal fortune off the back of his successful hedge fund investing that began in earnest with the 1969 creation of the company that would eventually become the Soros Fund Management brand, according to Discover the Networks. Forbes now rates the personal fortune of Soros to have reached over $25 billion by April 2017 and explains the philanthropic work of his Open Society Foundations has been aided by major donation of more than $1 billion to the network; in total it is estimated George Soros has donated billions of dollars to political and philanthropic groups in a bid to make sure a successful left leaning political outlook is expressed in each area of the world. As a former refugee, George Soros believes it is more important than ever to make sure his networks touch the lives of those living in closed societies and has made it his business to bring the charitable network to more than 100 nations around the world. Learn more about his profile at

In extending the philanthropic reach of his Open Society Foundations to the U.S., George Soros has spent a large amount of recent years focusing the attention of the network on the U.S. Soros is expanding on the work of Karl Popper once again as he put forward a case that every nation that saw itself as superior to others in any way was closed, which the attitude of President Donald Trump has shown the U.S. to be in the view of George Soros. Initially setting out to arrive in the U.S. and stay for a short period of time before returning to Europe, the Hungarian born Wall Street icon is well known for believing the human rights afforded to U.S. citizens should be maintained in a constant battle and are not assured by any form of “Creator”, for this reason Soros believes the rights of Americans should always be monitored and fought for.

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