Fabletics Gives People What They Want

Fabletics has taken a seat by companies such as Amazon in a predominantly influenced market. Fabletics has grown steadily to become worth $250 million, and they do not plan to stop there. The athleisure brand is continually growing in popularity, and they are giving their customers exactly what they want and crave. That is a big reason why they have become so successful. Their success is a combination of things such as personalized service, great products and great prices for high-quality goods.


Fabletics wasn’t about to get killed by showrooming, either. They avoided the pop-up method of expanding and instead took the time to get to know their customers. They encourage their new members to take a personalized lifestyle quiz so that they can get to know their customers better and to give them exactly what they want. Plus, their customers love the one-on-one personalized services and the ease of shopping because of it.


Many times, potential customers will browse products only to buy them elsewhere but at Fabletics, 30 to 50 percent of customers that shop their stores are already members, and another 25 percent become members in-store.


Kate Hudson has proven to be a really good fit for the company. She not only lives the athleisure life and is very active, but she is very down-to-earth and personable which is contagious. She is also very much involved with her company, and she knows what sells and what doesn’t and designs her clothing to match what the customer wants.


Kate Hudson keeps her athleisure line affordable, trendy, and the personalized service that comes with the membership can’t be beaten. The Lifestyle quiz that the newest members of Fabletics take helps them to get a personalized shopping experience and it gives Fabletics know exactly what’s trending, what is popular, and inevitably, what will sell. Fabletics isn’t just about a brand or the clothes. It’s all about experience and empowering women to feel great in their skin. The company also promotes healthy living and a love for exercise.


Kate Hudson stands behind her brand and even uses her own athleisure wear. She’s the perfect endorser of her company, and she’s very passionate about what she does as well. She is willing to take risks and to delay sales if it means that a better product will come out of it. To her, quality is always more important than sales or quantity.

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