Did You Know Sussex Healthcare Has The Services You Have Been Looking For?

Getting the right healthcare facility especially for the elderly is quite a task having in mind that you want your parent to be given excellent care. Due to lack of such facilities, many have opted to stay with their aged parents at home to stay with them. Nevertheless, there are certain levels of care you cannot give that parent which only a specialist can. Fortunately, there is a facility which is more than a home spiced with professionals by name Sussex Healthcare.

Having been in operation for over 25 years, Sussex Healthcare has been on the forefront of offering quality services to the elderly and other adults in all its operational bases in South Coast of England. With the two major chairmen in the firm, Shiraz Boghani, a renowned Hotelier manager, and Shafik Sachedina an experienced dental surgeon, the facility has turned out to be among the best in offering adult care.

Sussex Healthcare has grown tremendously over the years and now has over 20 facilities which have art gym, daycare facilities abs full-care residential facilities. It does not only care for elderly people who especially suffer from dementia and Alzheimer but also those youths suffering from neurological disabilities. No matter how severe or simple the suffering of your patient may be, they will be taken good care in these facilities.

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The skilled professionals, staffs and even support team are well equipped to give quality care to anyone at Sussex Healthcare. The team is trained and educated continuously to improve their output. Everyone at this home is given an opportunity of having leisure, to socialize and do some recreational services. The whole team is led by their CEO Amanda Morgan-Taylor who has a vast experience in medical and healthcare world.

The services offered at Sussex Healthcare are based on their philosophy that aims at providing physical, spiritual, social and emotional support and care to the patients. Some services they offer include palliative care, specialist and general adult care, dementia care, PMLD care and neurological care.

With a comfortable ambiance, the healthcare has various residential facilities depending on the needs of their guests. Some facilities specifically for the elderly are 7 which include Forest lodge, Clemsfold house, Upper Mead, Rapkyns Care Home, Longfield Manor and Horncastle House. It has 13 facilities for specialist adult care including Norfolk lodge, Wisteria Lodge, Orchard Lodge, White Lodge, Oak Lodge etc. It also operates some healthcare facilities like Treehouse Educare, SHC Audiology and some dental practices that match with its healthcare services.

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