Cosmetic Designer Empowers Women Worldwide

Vibrant colors is backed with unconventional thinking by popular cosmetic designer and marketing specialist, Doe Deere. Bold exuberant colors has always been the central idea behind her Lime Crime cosmetic line. She has introduced a line of velvetine matte cosmetics that is the first of its kind and leaves girls and guys around the world unapologetic about their color choices. Deere, challenges her cosmetic wearers to be bold about their makeup choices and leave the dull neutral colors of the early 90’s behind. Doe Deere says, her cosmetics would have never came to fruition, if she would have listened to her naysayers.


She discovered her knack for marketing through selling cosmetics to her friends in her native Russia. Deere, began to popularize them by wearing them and causing them to be a commodity among her young followers. They quickly began to buy them from her and she discovered that she loved marketing products and making her customers happy. She later moved to New York City and decided that she would get certification from attending design school. Shortly after, design school her Lime Crime cosmetic line was born with a complete waterproof base and a super-foil base.


Super-foil products go on moist and dry to a perfected mold that works well for your eyelids and lips. Deere offers a superior line of lipsticks and eyeshadow shades that are hard to find with their competitors. Many high profile celebrities are choosing LC because they are completely waterproof, hypoallergenic, and safe for all skin types. Their products hold up well under the harsh camera lighting that most stars are faced with. In fact, you can become a hit of all your selfies with an amazing color scheme that stands out in your photos. Find wonderful colors like Radical Metallic and Sorbet.


You can find out more about Deere’s cosmetics through a YouTube channel that offers hundreds of actual testimonials. They give her clients great ways to mix, match, and blend her cosmetics. She also has a sister company that offers clothing and accessories items that accent her cosmetics. Doe Deere, recently introduced her ammonia and bleach free Unicorn hair dye collection. She offers the amazing colors that her clients are use too. You’re invited to visit the exclusive Lime Crime website for more details on how to purchase their products and receiving first time promotional offers today.


Follow Doe Deere on Twitter @doedeere.


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