Securus Technologies Leading In Prison Technology

Securus Technologies is a profit making prison technology that has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas, though it has a number of regional offices in Atlanta, Allen and Carrolton. The company was founded in the year 1986. Rick Smith is the CEO/president of Securus Technologies. The company is a source of employment for many having employed … [Read more…]

Securus Technologies – Offering Products And Services That Are Transforming Lives

Securus Technologies offers a wide array of services to the inmates and the law enforcement and public safety agencies, such as public safety solutions, emergency response, incident management, data analytics, biometric analysis solutions, communications, inmate self-service, ancillary solutions, information management, electronic monitoring, GPS monitoring, and more. Securus Technologies also offers a range of inmate communication … [Read more…]

Securus Technologies informs the Public on GTL’s inaccurate Reports.

Securus Technologies is a renowned firm in the provision of communication technology to correctional facilities that are based in North America. The services of the company are depended on by more than 1.2 million individuals who are convicted in about 3450 facilities. It has dedicated its solutions to public safety, monitoring, correcting, and investigation. The … [Read more…]