The Lifetime Achievement Of Robert Ivy

Robert Ivy is the latest awardee of the Noel Polk Lifetime Award from the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters. Currently, Ivy is the Chief Executive Officer of the American Institute of Architects. Through his progressive improvement of the institute since the year 2011, he attained the position of the executive vice president. The CEO … [Read more…]

Why Dr. Saad Saad Improved Two Surgical Tools

Dr. Saad Saad is a surgeon who is very experienced at performing complex pediatric surgeries. He has over 40 years of experience and has helped thousands of children and young adults during this time. Most of his surgeries have been in the United States but he has also flown on medical missions to Jerusalem and … [Read more…]

Roberto Santiago — An Enterprising Inspiration

Roberto Santiago is an entrepreneur and real estate expert. He is the creator of multiple shopping malls in the Sao Paulo region. He was born in this region and has built it up to new levels of greatness. Some may say that he was a precocious child, always inquisitive. He looked up to his father … [Read more…]

Bob Reina: Unstoppable

There are many words that come to mind when talking about and writing about Bob Reina, but there is one that sticks out over the others, and it is unstoppable. When he sets his mind to something and his heart, he won’t be stopped, no matter what obstacles are put in front of him. He … [Read more…]

The Growth of Rocketship Education in the U.S.

Rocketship Education is something that many parents in the state of California are excited about. This public charter school system is something that is bringing out a great amount of potential in students that may otherwise never get the chance to experience this. Rocketship Education is something that originated in California, but the ideal has … [Read more…]