Omar Boraie and Boraie Development Bring Modern Luxury to New Brunswick, NJ

Urban real estate developer, Boraie Development LLC and CEO Omar Boraie bring modern and luxury to New Brunswick, NJ with its 17-story skyscraper housing tower. The Aspire is located on Somerset Street and one of the most sought-after properties in the heart of the city. Its location is conveniently near the train station, restaurants, night-life … [Read more…]

Financial Services Offered By Dalrada

At the helm of Dalrada Financial Corporation sits Brian Boner who serves as both the Chair and CEO. For the last 16 years, he has held the role of Chairman but was made a director in the organization in 1996. Before this he was the Company’s Director of Technology sales for a period of 2 … [Read more…]

Why Mike Baur Excels During the Fintech Rush

If you were to ask someone what “fintech” is all about they might be confused. However, Mike Baur gained a wise advisor and an investor that has plenty of experience and valuable knowledge to share. The goal is to help new companies get established in the marketplace as well as to gain some visibility. It’s vital that … [Read more…]

Martin Lustgarten: An Incredibly Smart Investment Banker

Investment banking is a branch of banking that deals with raising capital. That is for other entities including individuals, corporations, as well as governments. Investment banking is often done by banks which offer appropriate advice on investment options that clients are looking to put their money. Additionally, investment banks underwrite debts, facilitate mergers and acquisitions, … [Read more…]

Norka Luque: More than the Music

There is so much more to Norka Luque than just the music that she makes. While she is excellent at singing and has some great tunes set to great music, that is not the only thing that she is passionate about. She enjoys everything that involves using her creativity even though she also likes to … [Read more…]

Wiki; the Solution to Personal and Firm Branding

With the advancement in technology, it becomes easy to trace, the online presence of personalities and even edits made to any page. Wikipedia being an open source encyclopedia, permits edits from any personality, however, vetting is done before any content is allowed online for view by everyone who searches the various keywords or phrases. Several … [Read more…]

U.S. Education Reform Headed By Dick DeVos

Education is an area of life I care deeply about and see as a human right of every individual regardless of age, race, or gender. Somebody who I feel shares my views is Dick DeVos, who was recently the subject of an interview I read with his wife Betsy published by Philanthropy Roundtable. The interview … [Read more…]