Party Planning Ideas From Twenty Three Layers

There are many holidays coming up where you might want to throw a party, from Easter to 4th of July, or even just to celebrate the beginning of summer vacation! Planning a party takes a lot of work but the experience doesn’t have to be nerve-wracking. Follow a few simple steps to have a stress-free … [Read more…]

Brian Bonar: A Success Story in the Financial Industry

Brian Bonar is a significant and prominent finance executive and investor. He lives in San Diego, California. Brian enjoys very much offering advice on finance-related matters. He is the CEO of Dalrada Financial, a company which mainly gives clientele business process outsourcing, financial services, and products, benefit, and insurance. He also happens to be the … [Read more…]

Jason Hope Sees Big Possibilities With The Internet Of Things

Jason Hope, the Arizona tech entrepreneur who became famous as the founder of Jawa, has recently taken to the blogosphere and internet magazine scene to drum up excitement about the coming revolution in network technology. The so called Internet of Things, which represents the near total permeation of networking to almost every device imaginable, will … [Read more…]

Bob Reina And The Importance Of a Higher Calling

Bob Reina has a love for humanity, and he wants to make sure that he is able to improve things for the next generation as much as possible. In order to do this, he has taken a good look at the factors that influence the quality of life for people. Among the factors that have … [Read more…]

Securus Technologies informs the Public on GTL’s inaccurate Reports.

Securus Technologies is a renowned firm in the provision of communication technology to correctional facilities that are based in North America. The services of the company are depended on by more than 1.2 million individuals who are convicted in about 3450 facilities. It has dedicated its solutions to public safety, monitoring, correcting, and investigation. The … [Read more…]

The Success of Doe Deere

Doe Deere is the proud founder as well as the owner of Lime Crime, a company that specializes in providing a makeup brand that works to develop a positive attitude on the inside as well as a confidence that cannot be matched on the outside. This has been achieved due to the fact that Lime … [Read more…]

Brian Bonar: Experienced, Successful Serial Entrepreneur

Brian Bonar is an experienced entrepreneur, financial expert and investor. He is currently in the process of building a mini restaurant empire in San Diego. There he has created two restaurants. The first is an excellent eatery called Bellamy’s that features the amazing cooking of award-winning French chef Patrick Ponsaty. He is one of only … [Read more…]